Success Stories

“Before I started coaching sessions with Catherine, I was feeling frustrated and filled with self-doubt due to a painful family situation.

Catherine was able to guide and allow me to speak my truth in a safe space.
By participating in The Love Yourself, Heal Your Life program, what I learned was how to trust myself, my inner voice and feel safe.
My coaching sessions with Catherine helped me experience a ton of clarity and for the first time in a long time I began to feel ease.
What I love most about my coaching sessions is that I felt heard. Catherine offered insight from a neutral but loving position. My coaching sessions with Catherine offered incredible insight that made me realize my thought habits and beliefs that were getting in my way of living a peaceful, HAPPIER life.
If you are considering working with Catherine – DO IT. It is an investment that I made in myself for myself that I will never regret. Catherine gave me the tools and guidance to pull me out of a dark place. I am forever grateful. ~ Elizabeth

“Before I started coaching sessions with Catherine, I was feeling very frustrated with not knowing if I had one foot in my relationship or one foot out.

I was feeling very stuck in terms of my focus and putting so much pressure on myself to make a decision. I was also keeping a lot of thoughts and feelings to myself in regard to my relationship instead of expressing them to my partner.
By participating in The HEALTHY Path Process program, what I learned about myself was that some of the things I am not getting from my relationship, I can give to myself. I am taking more responsibility for making myself happy and acting where I can to improve my life.
My coaching sessions with Catherine helped me experience more peace of mind and less stress about the relationship and where it is going. They have helped me be more in the moment. They also helped me uncover some of the stories I was telling myself based on the fear of facing issues. For example, I had a lot of fear-based beliefs about what a divorce would do to my children and what they thought of the idea.
The program provided a framework for exploring issues I was facing and have been a resource for me to go back to since I’ve completed them. Moving forward, I now feel I have the tools to accomplish goals I’ve set for myself and have honest conversations with my partner as issues come up.
After my coaching sessions with Catherine, I’m not nearly as frustrated. I have improved my focus to include more self-care and am continuing to set and achieve personal goals for myself.
I highly recommend Catherine and the Healthy Path to Love program for anyone that is stuck in a pattern of not knowing what to do about their relationship. Catherine offers a supportive environment to get to the heart of the matters that are impacting your quality of life in your relationship and help you take steps to address them.” – Dina B

“Before I started my coaching sessions with Catherine, I hit a total wall in my life with myself and my marriage.

I am a “fixer” and when I couldn’t figure out how to fix myself more or fix my marriage, I searched and found Catherine. I didn’t know what I had signed up for and I received her text to set up our first call. Talking with Catherine brought me a voice of stability in the midst of my chaos and pain. She was not only very empathetic but very empowering and a voice of reason where I needed it, and I felt more like I was talking to a lifelong mentor. I scheduled my next appointment with her and used the tools she gave me to move forward and begin to find my own security and self-worth, and not in my circumstance or another person. As I move forward I continue to use the tools she has given me and think over our conversations often. I started to shift my mindset as a result of talking through some things with Catherine and was able to find a lot of freedom where I felt mentally paralyzed. She gave me the tools to learn to love and care for myself and how to really love someone else. My time with her over the phone has always left me with a clear head, I felt like I finally found the support and encouragement I needed to be able to help myself.
Catherine always challenged me and brought such great perspective and after each conversation, I would count down the days until our next appointment. After working with her, I no longer would let myself get into such an emotional despair, and my self-love has increased dramatically. She taught me how to break that cycle in me so that I can move forward. Our scheduled sessions became stories of personal victories and I truly felt like I had a close friend walking with me through such a difficult time. It’s worth exploring the first coaching session, I was overwhelmed by Catherine’s ability to get straight to it and I felt like she was in the room with me. I had never had a coach before and I think it’s a world different from counseling and actually helped me to have accountability and put movement to the things I was learning so much quicker.” – Nichol K.

“Before I started meeting with Catherine, I was LOST trying to find LOVE.

I also had no concept of listening to my inner voice.  I was in a cycle of sacrificing myself for love.
Catherine is by far the most valuable mentor/coach I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  She has helped me embrace tangible healing by giving me tools to love, discover, & heal myself.
By participating in the Healthy Path to Love Program, I learned that life experiences happen through me and not to me.  If I live my life out of alignment with who I truly am, I’m postponing the work of self-love.
The top things I loved about my coaching sessions with Catherine is understanding that healing & discovering yourself is a process and takes time.  I worked with Catherine consistently for four months and continue to stay in touch.  She genuinely cares.  The written work, modules, accountability questions and the book, The Four Agreements, were extremely helpful and gave me a timeline of my feelings and growth. It’s nice to have this information because you can actually see growth over time!
My coaching sessions with Catherine have helped to experience more clarity, confidence, and peace of mind.  One of the most difficult challenges to master is to “trust the process” and to be patient.  Consistently with love and positive reinforcement, Catherine helped me feel empowered. Moving forward, I feel Catherine has supplied me with the tools to have confidence in myself and to love myself first.  My goal is to move from self-sabotage to inner-champion!  Somedays are harder than others, but with faith in God, the Universe, and most of all, love for myself, I know I can achieve the life I have always wanted.
Thank you, Catherine!” – Ginkgo

“Before I started coaching sessions with Catherine, I was feeling lost and confused about my relationship.

I was frustrated that the same issues kept coming up, and I felt like I was doing all the work with no results or improvements. I wasn’t satisfied in the relationship and wondered if I ever had been.
I was living in a day-to-day cycle of frustration and uncertainty. How could I go on the rest of my life staying unhappy in this relationship, or insecure if I left it? I was also concerned about how this was affecting my partner. I needed help with finding clarity about my own needs and understanding how to navigate the challenges.
By participating in ‘The HEALTHY Path Process’ program, I learned that I deserve to be happy. That I needed to spend time clarifying what relationship satisfaction means to me. That I needed to be honest and allow myself to feel my feelings and make my needs a priority. That the more I listen to myself the happier I feel.
The program is so rich and transformational, it’s truly an amazing creation and a gift from someone who is devoted to this work. The questions and exercises challenged me and brought me clarity, and the one-on-one coaching calls helped me get the most out of the material.
Having Catherine to coach me through it was a solid foundation of unconditional support. I always felt heard and understood, and I felt that she really cared about me as an individual, which allowed me to feel safe and go deeper in this work.
I felt the accountability and support from Catherine that I needed in order to follow through. I left the calls feeling not just like I got real help, but that I got what I needed to help myself. I learned different ways to handle situations in relationships that kept coming up for me. Practices to forgive and comfort myself. Staying on the path and not giving up.
As a result of working with Catherine, I now realize that I have power over how I show up in relationships that will directly affect how I experience them. I have the tools to have healthy boundaries and remain calm when having difficult conversations. To speak up for myself and be honest about my feelings. To be in touch with my inner knowing and trust the process.
Catherine is committed to her work and 100% THERE. Working with her isn’t just about trying to fix a broken marriage, it’s about personal development and learning healthy tools to grow and evolve all of your relationships.” – EB

“2016, as for many others, was a hell of a year for me.

I faced a health crisis, job crisis, personal crisis, as well as the probable end to my marriage of 12 years.  In the midst of the year, I was struggling to make sense of what I should do next — should I stay with my partner and father of my kids, or was it time to go? To make matters more complicated, I was never out of love with my partner. We were both at a point of a mid-life crisis and we now had the added complexity of an affair partner to contend with.  The situation was complicated, ever-changing and really, really painful.
I stumbled across Catherine via Instagram and when we had our first call I knew she was going to help me navigate this crisis and come out stronger.
Over the course of four months, she helped me analyze the relationship, but more importantly, she helped me look at patterns within my self to truly heal some deep-rooted wounds. Like many of us, I had a timeline I was comfortable with to get to a decision about our future.
As time went on and my work with Catherine deepened, I was able to see that the relationship crisis was in many ways a true gift for me. I learned, faced and healed many wounds from childhood that I likely would have ignored and I found an internal sense of strength and power that I had never fully tapped into before.
Since working with Catherine, my emotional intelligence and control have dramatically improved, I am a more patient and calm parent, I have met more health and wellness goals than I ever thought I was capable of achieving and I am actually happier than I was before the affair happened.
We are still wading through the muddy waters of a complicated situation, but I feel fully capable of living in the ambiguity for longer. I am clear on what I want in a relationship and how I want to feel about myself. And I am comfortable that I will not sacrifice those desires. In some ways, a more drawn out experience in making me learn more about myself and I am working on cultivating faith that it is in my best interest to keep on, keeping on.
Catherine has been an extreme source of inspiration, cheerleading, and belief in me when I could hardly believe in myself. She balances compassion and realism perfectly and always knows when to tell me like it is or to give me words of gentle encouragement and comfort.
I can honestly say that I don’t think 2017 would feel so good if I hadn’t gone through this experience with Catherine. I look forward to seeing what will come as an I look to rebuild this relationship from the place of the “new me”. – Karen

“I am so grateful for you and all of your support!

Catherine, a beautiful soul! You are an incredible and magnificent gift! Our connection is all a part of Divine timing and I so appreciate your open heart & ability to listen to and put others at ease. You are LOVE embodied indeed! I am so blessed that our paths have crossed and eternally grateful. Thank you for being part of my journey. ” – Dre

“Before I met Catherine,

I was not happy in several areas of my life and I felt stuck. My relationship with my long-term boyfriend was not advancing, and after 4 years together, marriage was nowhere in sight. I began doubting myself and lost my confidence. I knew I had to start making changes if I wanted to be happy, but I didn’t know where to begin. I attended Catherine’s workshop and gained the tools that I needed to begin rebuilding my self-confidence, find clarity in how to to reach my happiness, and ignite my motivation to go after what I wanted.
I felt this momentum to keep growing and decided to transition into coaching sessions with Catherine to further focus on my long-term relationship. The one to one sessions helped me uncover and work on my insecurities in this relationship, discover what I really wanted and learn how to communicate those needs, and also believe that I deserved them. The clarity I gained through this process allowed me to follow through with my actions in confidence.
My life has drastically changed and continues to advance in the direction of happiness. My long-term boyfriend and I decided to go our separate ways, but with Catherine’s support and guidance, I found strength, self-love, and confidence that a fulfilling relationship awaits me. I also went after my dream job and got it. My work is now rewarding, I feel valued by my colleagues, and I make more money. I am powerful!” – Kristi V.

“Catherine has a sincere willingness and generosity of spirit to be able to help guide others.

Through a series of guided workshops, she helped me identify the roadblocks in place that kept me from realizing my potential and have stalled progress towards reaching my dreams and desires. She was able to provide an environment that is conducive for the expression of feelings and emotions. She gave us the necessary tools to explore and overcome negative thought patterns and work towards reachable goals.
She uses the Louise Hay program and has a good grasp on how to teach her successful principles as well as incorporate ideas from other experts in the field. It is important to do the assignments and not procrastinate (one of my roadblocks). Like anything worthwhile, it takes effort and sometimes uncomfortable work to move forward. I have walked away from her class with useful tools that I try to use daily and more confidence that I can move in the direction of my passion. Thanks, Catherine for your patience and guidance.” – with Love and Gratitude, LL