Making Changes in Your Relationship Takes Courage!

Do you ever wonder what it feels like to be on the other side of an unfulfilling relationship…one that’s more loving, respectful and aligned with your core values?

Are you concerned that you’ll someday look back at your life and wonder which part of it belonged to you?

As we wrap up this month’s mindful messages on the topic of freedom, and how it relates to your romantic relationship, I offer this powerful quote for you to consider:

“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.” ~ Carrie Jones

In honor of liberty, freedom and justice in our relationships, for the month of July, I offered 20% off my exclusive program called, The HEALTHY Path Process: 8 Steps to Know…Should I Stay or Should I Go? And that special offer is just about to expire!

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Yes, making significant changes in your relationship takes courage…but don’t let that stop you. You may not feel like you have the courage now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gain it!

I let myself stay stuck in an unhealthy relationship for 13 years. I didn’t think I had the courage to leave, but I did…and that helped me gain even more courage for how I’ve been living my life ever since. The more I stay true to my heart, the better my life gets!

I’m not suggesting that you need to leave your relationship in order to feel better. But, if you’ve been unhappy and unsure about your relationship, and you want it to get better, something does need to change!

You can’t expect your problems to go away unless you’re willing to try a different approach. And the good news is, my program IS a different approach…a solution-oriented approach.

The HEALTHY Path program is a step-by-step process that gives you the guidance, support, and accountability you need to gain clarity and courage about your relationship.

When you have clarity and courage – instead of confusion and doubt – you feel far more confident and clear about what to do, and you’re able to move forward with a choice that feels right.

Whether than means learning how to reconnect with your partner in a way that works – or learning how to gracefully let go of a relationship that no longer serves it purpose – getting clear on this choice will help you stop feeling stuck and start moving forward.

The program will continue to be available after July 31, but the special offer of 20% off won’t. So this is your last chance to take advantage of this savings.

Are you ready to care about how you feel and do something about the emotional turbulence in your life?

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If you want to learn more about what each module includes and why it’s important, here are all of the details:

The HEALTHY Path Process: 8 Steps to Know… Should I Stay or Should I Go?
A comprehensive program for clarity, confidence, courage, integrity and
transformation in your romantic relationship and in your life.

Module 1 – Introduction: Setting Yourself Up for Success
What? Setting Yourself Up for Success.
Why? When you choose to invest in something that feels difficult and challenging, it’s important to create a mindset for success and a feeling of emotional safety, rather than slipping into feelings of discouragement and defeat. This will help you stay committed to your investment in yourself and in your relationship.

Module 2 – Hone In On the Purpose of Your Relationship
What? Hone in on the purpose of your relationship.
Why? When you’re able to get clear on the purpose of your relationship and what you need in order for it to feel fulfilling, you have a much better chance of getting those needs met…either by reconnecting with your existing partner in a way that works, or in your future relationship.

Module 3 – Empower Yourself With What You’ve Already Learned the Hard Way
What? Empower yourself from what you’ve already learned the hard way.
Why? When you’re able to see and recognize the various patterns in your relationship, you can learn to weed out the ineffective patterns that cause frustration and resentment and gracefully let them go, while also creating new beliefs and patterns that will serve you moving forward. This allows you to set yourself up for success in any relationship in your life.

Module 4 – Activate Your Intuition
What? Activate your intuition, also known as your higher self or your inner champion.
Why? When you stop letting the mind dominate the choices you make, you enable your body and emotions to reveal valuable and life-changing information that will catapult you to YOUR truth. This enables you to align your head with your heart, thereby eliminating the constant internal conflict. This gives you clarity, ease in decisions, confidence, and reduction in stress.

Module 5 – Letting Go of the Pain That Binds You
What? Letting go of the pain that binds you.
Why? Letting go of the need for your partner to acknowledge your pain before releasing it, letting go of blaming and resentment, and letting go of feelings of failure or guilt, will give you your power back and enable you to move forward with strength, integrity and grace.

Module 6 – Trust Yourself and the Process of Life
What? Learning to trust yourself and the process of life.
Why? Learning how to trust yourself gives you confidence and improves the quality of your life. When you learn how to stop resisting what’s inevitably true, and start taking responsibility for your experience, you begin to trust your choices more, you avoid internal conflict and you believe that life is working for you, not against you. This adds joy to your life!

Module 7 – Have the Conversation With Honesty and Respect
What? Now that you’ve gotten real about your relationship by asking yourself the hard questions and going through the needed steps of processing, it’s time to use the clarity and confidence you gained in this program to prepare for a healthy conversation with your partner that includes honesty, love and respect.
Why? Whether you’re leaning in the direction of of staying with your partner to work things out, or gracefully leaving a relationship that no longer serves you and your partner, having this conversation makes it real and allows you and your partner to move forward in your lives.

Module 8 – Yes! You Deserve This! Your True Love Shines Through!
What? Giving yourself permission to allow your true love to shine.
Why? The transformation you’ve gone through is now ready to give flight to its wings and it’s time to celebrate. The joy and fulfillment you’ve been desiring is now yours!

Let’s get you feeling confident, clear and joyful once again! Together we will put the HEALTHY pieces in place for you.

If you’re interested in hearing more about its benefits, my clients say it best, so go here to read their testimonials.

If you’re tired of feeling negative emotions around your relationship, and dealing with a repetitive pattern of unresolved conflict, now’s your chance to break this cycle and feel the freedom you deserve.

Listen to your heart, and remember… you and the quality of your life matter! It’s up to you to put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Stay tuned for more mindful messages –  giving you helpful tips and exercises to improve the quality of your life and relationships! Starting next month, I’ll be mixing up the format a bit, and will share more on that next week.

With love and support,

Catherine Dietz
Healthy Relationship Coach

P.S. Don’t forget to schedule your Q&A call! The special offer of 20% off expires on July 31st!