Deepest Pain Highest SelfHow to Use Pain as a Tool for Empowerment

If you’ve ever been in a romantic relationship, chances are you’ve experienced emotional pain. And because romantic relationships typically spark the most passion, when damage has been done, the pain can feel unbearable.

Even in the most loving of relationships, a jab to our hearts can leave us feeling like we’re down for the count. It’s hard to feel heart-broken AND still believe there’s hope.

In a place of despair, building walls around our hearts feels safer than opening them to a deeper expression of love.

But from the midst of discomfort, you have an amazing opportunity to transform your pain into empowerment…and into a deeper expression of love for yourself and for the relationship.

As difficult as this may seem, whenever you bring awareness to the painful experiences in your relationship, you can make a conscious choice to use that information to learn from these struggles and make healthy and effective changes.

Everyone experiences pain in life. The trick is learning how to use that pain to your advantage. It’s not a quick fix, but when you do the work, the effects will be worthwhile and long-lasting.

Avoiding your pain only gives you a false sense of relief from having to deal with it. But the feeling of ignorance is bliss can only last so long. The more you resist healing the cause of your pain, the more pain is bound to follow!

This is one of the tragic beauties of life. Tragic in the sense that pain sucks and no one wants to experience it. And beautiful in the sense that when you use pain as an opportunity to heal your wounds, you allow yourself to grow into your best self!

So…instead of unintentionally asking for more pain in your life, make a mindful intention to heal the causes of your pain, thereby eliminating the same wounds from re-occurring.

Your relationships are designed to bring out the best in you, not the worst. Take advantage of this gift!

Stay tuned for more mindful messages on how you can use your relationship struggles as a tool for spiritual growth.


Catherine Dietz
Healthy Relationship Coach

P.S. Ready to learn how to use your pain as a tool for empowerment, but don’t know where to begin? Contact me to schedule your free 30-minute ‘relationship strategy session’. Talking with someone who understands your pain and can provide constructive and nurturing support will help!