Healthy Path to Love

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Relationship Coaching?
A qualified and experienced relationship coach can give you the tools, guidance, and support you need to do the “inner” work so you can experience fulfilling, rewarding and loving relationships, including the most important relationship you’ll ever have – the one with yourself.
How Do I Know I Need a Relationship Coach?
A relationship coach can help you get to the root of how you feel so you can develop the skills and get the nurturing support you need to either work on your relationship or gracefully let go without guilt or shame.
What Should I Expect When I Choose Catherine as My Coach?
We work together toward your goal of having the relationship you desire. My communication approach is very direct and honest. I will ask you to be open and honest about your goals, your fears, your strengths and everything in between. I will provide a sounding board, the opportunity for you to be truly heard, and give you candid and constructive feedback.
Why Should I Invest in The HEALTHY Path Process Program?
When you’re able to claim your inner power and gain clarity about what YOU need to feel fulfilled in your relationship (not what someone else says you need), you automatically and naturally build confidence. You can then use that confidence to take action in either working with your partner to re-create a connection that works, or gracefully moving out of your relationship while still maintaining love and respect for yourself and for your partner. Just because a romantic relationship doesn’t work out for the long run doesn’t mean you have to devalue or disrespect what you once had. This is an opportunity for you to “show up” as the person you want to be…even in difficult situations.