Is This Creating Conflict in Your Relationship?

Is This Creating Conflict in Your Relationship? If you made the commitment to practice last week’s exercise, I trust you’re beginning to truly understand the importance of getting in touch with your emotions. Nicely done! If you haven’t yet practiced the exercise, I urge you to do so. Click here if you missed it, but [...]

You Know Why, So Now What?

You Know Why, So Now What? Last week, we covered the significance of emotions and why it’s so important to get in touch with your feelings. You learned (or were reminded) that unexpressed feelings often lead to resentment, which sabotages your chance of a healthy relationship and depletes your sense of well-being. You know as [...]

To Sum it All Up…

To Sum It All Up... Trust has been a key theme these past few weeks. And as we bring May to a close, I’d like to sum it all up in this week’s message. Actually, that’s not as easy as it sounds! There really is so much around the trust issue, but the key to [...]

How Can I Learn to Trust More?

"How can I learn to trust more?” I’ve heard this question asked many times over the years, and usually by a woman. Personally, I think this is because women are taught to put themselves last. As a woman, you have most likely been conditioned to think that taking care of yourself is selfish and that [...]

Trust the Process

Trust the Process As human beings, we often want things to be a certain way and we want it NOW. This is particularly true in our romantic relationship, especially if we’re not happy with its current state. Maybe you’ve been frustrated in the relationship for a long time, and now you’re ‘done with that’ and [...]