I’m Not Worthy, I’m Not Worthy!

I’m Not Worthy, I’m Not Worthy! Do you remember the ‘Wayne’s World’ skit from Saturday Night Live? And how Wayne and Garth would regularly claim “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy” when something good was happening to them (like Heather Locklear showing up in Wayne’s dream). It was funny at the time, and I really [...]

Is This YOUR Season of Growth?

Is This YOUR Season of Growth? I recently went out of town to surprise my mom for her 75th birthday, and when I returned to San Diego, I was amazed at how MUCH the trees around my home had grown. Spring is definitely a season of renewal! Nature has its cycles of rest and growth for [...]

Will You Forgive Me?

Will You Forgive Me? This month, we’re continuing to stir up new thoughts and emotions with a new theme. This is good! When we stir things up, old ingrained habits and patterns start to loosen their grip, and we make room for new ideas and growth. This particular topic often causes a lot of resistance. [...]

How to Use Pain as a Tool for Empowerment

How to Use Pain as a Tool for Empowerment If you’ve ever been in a romantic relationship, chances are you’ve experienced emotional pain. And because romantic relationships typically spark the most passion, when damage has been done, the pain can feel unbearable. Even in the most loving of relationships, a jab to our hearts can [...]

#5 in My Top 5 Sources of INSPIRATION!

#5 in My Top 5 Sources of INSPIRATION! Are you ready to have your day brightened? I hope so! Not only have we arrived at the final #5 in my top 5 sources of inspiration, I also have an extra dose of love and joy to share with you! As I mentioned in last week’s [...]

#4 in My Top 5 Sources of INSPIRATION

#4 in My Top 5 Sources of INSPIRATION The countdown (or shall I say up?) continues...and we are on #4 this week! I trust you’ve been finding these sources of inspiration helpful, and I hope they’re giving you a sense of encouragement for meeting life’s challenges. Feeling out of harmony in your romantic relationship is [...]

Shift Happens

Shift Happens Imagine this...two caterpillars were crawling along a tree branch one day when a butterfly flew overhead. One caterpillar said to the other, “You will never get me up in one of those things.” (from Robert Holden’s “Shift Happens”) And so it is with human potential. Much like the caterpillar thinking it could resist [...]