Would You Marry Yourself? How to Say “I Do” to You!

Would You Marry Yourself? Hot on the trail of the strong response I received from my last blog on ‘How to Follow Your Heart’, I felt inspired to write this next message on the topic of commitment – more specifically, how committed you are to yourself. One woman reached out to me to say this: [...]

Love is the Light of Your Soul

Love is the Light of Your Soul In the midst of a holiday season designed for love, light and celebration, many of us wind up feeling exhausted from spending too much time, energy and money on the ‘Hallmark idea’ of what a perfect holiday season should be. While the sentiment is appreciated, trying to make [...]

Is Your Soul Craving THIS?

Is Your Soul Craving THIS? At some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced aspects of an unhealthy romantic relationship. And no matter how you slice it, how you feel about your romantic relationship plays a significant role in how you perceive ALL areas of your life. If your relationship feels healthy and fulfilling, chances [...]