Ready to Make Changes? Then What’s Stopping You?!

Ready to Make Changes? Then What’s Stopping You?! I hope you’re feeling inspired by the powerful energy of this new year...it’s gonna be a great one! Are you ready to make some healthy changes in your life? Is the quality of your romantic relationship one of the things you want to improve? Nobody wants to [...]

You Know Why, So Now What?

You Know Why, So Now What? Last week, we covered the significance of emotions and why it’s so important to get in touch with your feelings. You learned (or were reminded) that unexpressed feelings often lead to resentment, which sabotages your chance of a healthy relationship and depletes your sense of well-being. You know as [...]

Are You Happy Now?!

Are You Happy Now?! Now that you’ve claimed your journey to becoming your best you (click here if you missed last week’s mindful message), the rest is smooth sailing...right? Well...maybe it’s not that easy! But it doesn’t have to be that hard either! Your voyage of self-discovery can actually be kind of fun :-). When [...]

Awaken Your Inner-Champion

As we move through the ‘month of love’, my goal is to share ideas that will inspire you to honor the various forms of love in your life even if your romantic relationship isn’t currently thriving. In addition to offering uplifting ideas on how to find OTHER forms of love to celebrate, I also shared [...]

Listen to Your Head AND Your Heart

Listen to Your Head AND Your Heart Do you ever wonder where the different voices in your head are coming from? Do you often have internal conversations that sound something like this: Voice #1: "Am I in the wrong relationship?" Voice #2: "What are you thinking?! You've invested way too much in this relationship to [...]

I, I, I…It’s All About Me

- How many times have you said you were going to do something, only to find that 3 months later, you still haven’t done it? - How many times have you and your partner argued, come to an agreement that “this has to change!”, and 6 months later, you find yourself having the exact same [...]