*How* to Follow Your Heart

*How* to Follow Your Heart ‘Follow your heart’ and ‘be true to your heart’ are phrases that are thrown around as if those are easy things to do. But if you don’t know *how*, it feels like a foreign concept...like ‘how the heck do I do that?!’ For many years of my life, I didn’t [...]

Getting to the Heart of What Matters

Getting to the Heart of What Matters You may or may not know this...before becoming a Healthy Relationship Coach, I was an invasive Cardiovascular Technologist (CVT). Inspired by channels like Discovery and Science, I found myself drawn to helping people improve the quality of their lives through their physical health. Out of all of the [...]

You Totally Deserve This!

You Totally Deserve This! It’s February...so it’s difficult to ignore Valentine’s Day and the focus on romantic love. Which is great...if you’re feeling loveable and loving, right? But if you’re feeling disconnected and unfulfilled in your romantic relationship, Valentine’s Day might be a celebration you’d rather skip. I’ve been there...I get it...and it’s okay. If [...]

Listen to Your Head AND Your Heart

Listen to Your Head AND Your Heart Do you ever wonder where the different voices in your head are coming from? Do you often have internal conversations that sound something like this: Voice #1: "Am I in the wrong relationship?" Voice #2: "What are you thinking?! You've invested way too much in this relationship to [...]