Believe in the Magic of the Season

Believe in the Magic of the Season Happy holidays to you! Today is both Christmas Eve AND the first evening of Hanukkah, a time of magical celebrations for many. Whatever your holiday tradition may be, there is magic in this season of love, light and celebration, and I hope you’re feeling its effects. That being [...]

Let Your Light SHINE!!

Let Your Light SHINE!! I hope you found this month’s mindful messages to be a source of encouragement and support throughout this holiday season. Remember, the true meaning of this season is all about love, light and celebration. You are a gift, a reason to be celebrated, and you deserve to feel love in and [...]

The Greatest Gift of All

The Greatest Gift of All If you’ve ever wondered what the greatest gift of all is...I have the answer. It’s the gift of loving life! Not only do YOU benefit from this amazing gift, everyone around you, and ALL living beings, are uplifted by your positive vibration. It’s not always easy to feel appreciation and [...]