Would You Marry Yourself? How to Say “I Do” to You!

Would You Marry Yourself? Hot on the trail of the strong response I received from my last blog on ‘How to Follow Your Heart’, I felt inspired to write this next message on the topic of commitment – more specifically, how committed you are to yourself. One woman reached out to me to say this: [...]

Obligation vs. Freedom

Obligation vs. Freedom in Your Relationship Freedom is a hot topic this month in the United States! And it’s not just about the freedom and independence of our country (which is a beautiful thing!) – it’s also about feeling free to live our individual lives the way we want to. Because the truth is, when [...]

If You Stop Doing This, Freedom is Yours!

If You Stop Doing This, Freedom Is Yours! As we wrap up this month’s theme of freedom, I hope you’ve gained some new insights on what freedom means to you and how that relates to your romantic relationship. While a lot of these messages are simple in their context, it’s not always easy to apply [...]

Obligation vs. Freedom

Obligation vs. Freedom You may have noticed that this month’s theme is focused on the topic of freedom, which is something we ALL want to experience in our lives, right? When hindered from freely expressing yourself in a way that feels authentic and real, your life may feel more like an obligation than a life [...]

Do You Dread Going Home?

Do You Dread Going Home? If home is where the heart is, where is your home? Home is supposed to be a sanctuary...a place of comfort and relaxation where you can feel at peace with yourself and your surroundings. That’s why we hear people say “I’m finally home” when they connect with something that brings [...]

Does Your Relationship Have Purpose?

Does Your Relationship Have Purpose? Have you ever wondered why a romantic relationship is so high on most people’s wish list? Even for those who don’t plan on having children, most people yearn to share their life with a romantic partner. And not just any romantic relationship...most people long for a loving, healthy and long-lasting [...]

As Long as We Both Shall Love

As Long as We Both Shall Love If you and your partner are married, you probably remember your wedding vows including “as long as we both shall live”. Even if you’re not married, when you and your partner made a commitment to one another, it was most likely with the intention that it would last [...]

Is This YOUR Season of Growth?

Is This YOUR Season of Growth? I recently went out of town to surprise my mom for her 75th birthday, and when I returned to San Diego, I was amazed at how MUCH the trees around my home had grown. Spring is definitely a season of renewal! Nature has its cycles of rest and growth for [...]

Self-Love is the Path to Peace

Self-Love is the Path to Peace If you’ve been practicing the exercises I shared this month (available here), I have no doubt you’re beginning to feel the positive effects in your life. And the good news is...the more you continue this practice, the more goodness you’ll experience. The power of love is truly amazing. We’ve [...]

Seasons Change…and So Do Relationships

Seasons Change…and So Do Relationships If you followed last month’s mindful messages about what unconditional love and commitment mean to you, and how to make peace with the current status of your romantic relationship, you might be ready for a new season! Thankfully, fall is in full season and gives us a beautiful example of [...]