You Know Why, So Now What?

You Know Why, So Now What? Last week, we covered the significance of emotions and why it’s so important to get in touch with your feelings. You learned (or were reminded) that unexpressed feelings often lead to resentment, which sabotages your chance of a healthy relationship and depletes your sense of well-being. You know as [...]

Are You Happy Now?!

Are You Happy Now?! Now that you’ve claimed your journey to becoming your best you (click here if you missed last week’s mindful message), the rest is smooth sailing...right? Well...maybe it’s not that easy! But it doesn’t have to be that hard either! Your voyage of self-discovery can actually be kind of fun :-). When [...]

Who ARE You?

Who ARE You? If I were face-to-face with you right now and asked “Who ARE you?”, what would your answer be? And what if I took it one step further and asked “Who do you really want to be?”, would your answers be the same, or different? The answers often differ. And when I discovered [...]

#5 in My Top 5 Sources of INSPIRATION!

#5 in My Top 5 Sources of INSPIRATION! Are you ready to have your day brightened? I hope so! Not only have we arrived at the final #5 in my top 5 sources of inspiration, I also have an extra dose of love and joy to share with you! As I mentioned in last week’s [...]

Nature’s Seasons vs. Human Cycles

Nature’s Seasons vs. Human Cycles Spring has definitely sprung in Southern California! After recently visiting my dad in the midst of snow blizzards in Boston, I was delighted to come back to warm weather and clear paths in San Diego (although, I do already miss him). One day, I was stuck inside and not able [...]