Open the Door to a Better Life

Open the Door to a Better Life This month’s theme of gratitude has given you a lot of food for thought, and I hope you found it as enjoyable as a Thanksgiving meal :-). I gave you ideas to ponder, exercises to implement, and even challenged you to find appreciation for the painful lessons you’ve [...]

You Totally Deserve This!

You Totally Deserve This! It’s February...so it’s difficult to ignore Valentine’s Day and the focus on romantic love. Which is great...if you’re feeling loveable and loving, right? But if you’re feeling disconnected and unfulfilled in your romantic relationship, Valentine’s Day might be a celebration you’d rather skip. I’ve been there...I get it...and it’s okay. If [...]

What Exactly Are You Committed TO?

What Exactly Are You Committed TO? Hot on the tail of last week’s mindful message about unconditional love, now is the perfect time to explore in more depth what your romantic relationship is all about. In other words, what is each person committed to in this sacred union? Your answer may vary from others, but [...]

Feeling the Need to Get Your Needs Met?

Feeling the Need to Get Your Needs Met? One of the best things you can do for the health of your romantic relationship is effectively communicate your feelings and what you need from your partner. Even if you’ve been together a long time, it doesn’t mean that your partner automatically knows how you feel and [...]

Be Brave…I Know You Can Do It!

Be Brave...I Know You Can Do It! The subject of forgiveness has many facets and layers. This month’s mindful messages were designed to help stimulate new ideas on this hot topic, and perhaps make it easier for you. You may hold conflicting beliefs about forgiveness, which makes it a confusing issue - especially if the [...]

Forgive or Simply Forget?

Forgive or Simply Forget? So tell me...after last week’s mindful message: - Are you feeling any differently about the concept of forgiveness? - Does your heart feel more open to the idea of letting go of resentment? Learning how to let go of unhealthy patterns in your romantic relationship is incredibly powerful. It will improve [...]

Is Your BS More Important Than Freedom?

Is Your BS More Important Than Freedom? You deserve to be your best in your romantic relationship. You deserve to feel true love and freedom! That’s why these messages have been highlighting your BS (Belief System) lately. It’s also why you’ve received some helpful suggestions on how to examine and challenge it in ways that [...]

Now This…is TRUE Freedom!

Now This...is TRUE Freedom! If you live in the United States, today is all about celebrating our freedom as an independent nation. But even if you don’t, you know what freedom means and you can choose to celebrate it in any form on any day! You also know that these mindful messages are always focused [...]

Are You Happy Now?!

Are You Happy Now?! Now that you’ve claimed your journey to becoming your best you (click here if you missed last week’s mindful message), the rest is smooth sailing...right? Well...maybe it’s not that easy! But it doesn’t have to be that hard either! Your voyage of self-discovery can actually be kind of fun :-). When [...]