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About Catherine Dietz

The source of my inspiration to create and ultimately guide women on A Healthy Path to Love was revealed through my own relationship experience. I have seen time and time again how relationships give us ample opportunity to reveal who we really are and what we truly desire:

  • How are we ‘showing up’ in our relationships?
  • What still triggers us?
  • Can we handle those triggers with love even in the midst of conflict?
  • What matters most to us/what are we passionate about?
  • Do we believe enough in our own value to be truly authentic in relationship with others?

We learn the answers to these questions through our relationships. And because our romantic relationships typically spark the most passion, as well as cause the most pain when we’ve been hurt, they are often times our greatest catalyst for self-discovery and growth.

I was once in an unhealthy relationship for 13 years before I finally listened to the little voice inside that told me I deserved better. When I was eventually brave enough to be honest with myself, I made the choice to leave that relationship. As I closed the door to that chapter, the door to my future was blown wide open after being introduced to a spiritual philosophy that resonated to the very core of my soul. It taught me to recognize my value and embrace how worthy I am of love and joy in my life. It also taught me that I am responsible for my life and for the health of everything I choose to have in it.

I went through a huge growth spurt of self-discovery and acceptance, and as a result, attracted a much more loving relationship into my life. The love, honesty and respect in this relationship allowed me to open up and express myself in ways that had never felt safe before. And in our 8 years of being together, our relationship blossomed into something quite beautiful! As we grew in our relationship as a couple, we were also evolving as individuals, which ultimately moved us in different directions about our priorities and interests, and what a partnership means in this type of relationship. Even though we still loved each other, we realized we were no longer able to express our individual authenticity without creating unresolved conflict within our relationship. We were soul mates on many levels, but discovered that we weren’t designed to be lifelong partners. As painful as this was, through love and respect, we did a phenomenal job of transitioning out of a romantic relationship and into a friendship. It was important to me to keep the relationship as healthy as possible even after we grew apart as a couple (hence The HEALTHY Path to Love).

A Healthy Path To LoveMy individual path to leaving the corporate world and starting my own practice was guided and inspired by that little voice within. Trusting my inner guidance, even though I had no idea how it was all going to happen, led me to the amazing opportunity of becoming a Heal Your Life® Coach (based on the philosophy of Louise Hay) and a Healing Touch Practitioner (a form of energy healing). Experiencing, learning and offering these powerful technique-based approaches to fully embracing one’s life has been transformational…in my life and in the lives of the many clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I was born to do this and I can feel it!

Marianne Williamson says it so beautifully in her book A Return to Love:

“Sometimes the lesson to be learned in a relationship is how to hang in there and try to work things out. Other times, the lesson to be learned is how to exit a situation that doesn’t serve. No one can determine for another person what principle applies in what circumstance.”

This is 100% true and this is where my passion truly comes alive. I chose to specialize in helping women answer the question of should I stay or should I go? because I know how painful it is to be in this predicament. And I also know that the quality of your romantic relationship has a significant influence on the quality of your entire life. I absolutely love helping women recognize their self-worth, stay in integrity with their core values and embrace the confidence to know that they deserve to have the relationship they desire.

When you’re able to claim your inner power and gain clarity about what YOU need to feel fulfilled in your relationship (not what someone else says you need), you automatically and naturally build confidence. You can then use that confidence to take action in either working with your partner to re-create a connection that works, or gracefully moving out of your relationship while still maintaining love and respect for yourself and for your partner. Just because a romantic relationship doesn’t work out for the long run doesn’t mean you have to devalue or disrespect what you once had. This is an opportunity for you to “show up” as the person you want to be…even in difficult situations.

SO many women feel they need to put their needs last, self-sacrifice and settle for less than what they desire and deserve. I hear about this all the time, and yet it’s the opposite of the truth. The truth is, you are meant to thrive in life! You were created to be the best you that only you can be! You are designed to connect with others, give and receive love and companionship, and share your authentic gift of self-expression.

We all have the gift of choice and you get to choose YOUR path to whatever brings you joy, freedom, love and fulfillment. If you want honesty, respect and love in your relationships, you must operate from a place of honesty, respect and love. I am here to guide you through The HEALTHY Path Process, a step-by-step program created out of my own transformative experience. Little did I know at the time how powerful and effective this process would be, and that it would also be an amazing gift I get to share with others. I love the path I’m traveling, and I’m excited about where your path will take you!

Healthy Path to LoveMy passion and purpose is to show women how to tap into the wisdom of their heart, gain the clarity, confidence and courage needed to speak their truth, and either reconnect with their partner in a way that feels good, or gracefully let go of a relationship that no longer serves its purpose. To make a clear decision with self-awareness, integrity, grace and compassion.

My intention and invitation is for you to know, sense and feel how magnificent you are and what a blessing you are to our world. The light within me recognizes and honors the light within you. Are you ready to let your light shine?

Feel free to contact me at 858-945-6910 or I look forward to connecting with you soon!

With love and support,

Catherine Dietz