Ernest Holmes#5 in My Top 5 Sources of INSPIRATION!

Are you ready to have your day brightened? I hope so! Not only have we arrived at the final #5 in my top 5 sources of inspiration, I also have an extra dose of love and joy to share with you!

As I mentioned in last week’s message, I’ve been assisting with the Heal Your Life® teacher training program in San Diego. It’s been an incredible honor to support a dynamic group of over 30 women who are willing to go deep and do the work that’s needed to heal their mind, body and spirit.

In a space of support, love and safety, it’s truly amazing how willing we are to let go of our human barriers of fear and open our hearts to love. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Marianne Williamson said: “Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” And fear is what we need to unlearn!

Yes…fear may have its rightful place in some situations, such as the need to run from a burning building. But if you’re letting fear direct the choices you make in your romantic relationship, or other significant areas in your life, you’re denying yourself the true joy and freedom you’re meant to experience!

And that’s what the Heal Your Life® work is all about. Learning how to uncover the thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck in fear and limitation, and replacing those with thoughts and beliefs that inspire you to be your best you. This will improve your life in ways you never thought possible.

Yes, you have the power of choice! You get to decide how to live your life. And this brings me to #5 in my top 5 sources of inspiration…the final drum roll please…

This Thing Called You, by Ernest Holmes. The principles he taught as “Science of Mind” have inspired and influenced many generations of spiritual students and teachers, including Louise Hay. This Thing Called You is what I call the ‘short version’ of his overall teachings.

Here’s the powerful opening in Chapter 1:

You, like all others, are seeking the joy of living. You wish to be needed, to be loved, to be included in the great drama of life. This urge is in every individual. It is in everything. The rose exists to express beauty. Root and branch conspire with nature to give birth to blossom.”

And you are a powerful entity that is designed to thrive, to express beauty and love, and to live your life as the best possible you.

It is because it

[the spirit within] is there that you have these irresistible urges-the longing to live more fully, the feeling that life belongs to you.”

Doesn’t that sound awesome?! As human beings, it is our job to use our power of choice to create the best life possible.

This great thing within you, which is called will or choice, can decide your destiny. It can remove every obstruction and gradually implant new patterns in your mind.”

The obstruction is the fear we’ve learned, and the new patterns we get to implant are the thoughts and beliefs that return us to our innate nature of love and joy. This is exciting!

This Thing Called You is a powerful read and can help you learn to trust the wisdom inside of you and apply that wisdom to create the life of your dreams, including the romantic relationship you truly desire.

You deserve to be with a partner who honors and respects you for who you are…not who they want you to be.

As with all of the sources of inspiration I share, I hope this leaves you feeling uplifted, hopeful and ready to embrace your best you!

One of my greatest joys is encouraging women to honor who they are, and I love supporting them as they find their path to living the life they desire and deserve. Stay tuned for more…let’s walk this journey together!


Catherine Dietz
Healthy Relationship Coach

P.S. If you  have any questions or comments about my top 5 sources of inspiration, feel free to reply to this message or contact me here. I would love to hear what you have to say!